Illuminated Manuscript Page: Illustrator Brushes Project

Illuminated manuscripts existed during the times of the first books when monks and holy men copied Bibles and sacred manuscripts by hand to ensure their survival. Many of these manuscripts had beautifull one-of-a-kind title pages that started off sections of the book with elaborate lettering mixed with illustrations. Below is a sample of of afew of these manuscripts.

Your assignment is to create your own manuscript page with your first letter of the story it is for being a large drop cap letter with elaborate decoration and illustration surrounding it.

Create your project in Illustrator on a new blank 8.5" by 11" document. Place your key letter in using a large calligraphic brush and than proceed to use a variety of brushes and techniques to turn your page into the first page of a book with the first words of the story presented in the form of an illustrated manuscript. This form has always been traditional in use in fairy tales and tales of lore and legend.

You have one period to create your best illustrated manuscript page; you will be graded on your time and effort put into the assignment combined with your originallity and design expertise in carrying out the assignment. When done, make 2 copies, one for your own portfolio and one with your name on it for the teacher to grade.

SAMPLE Illuminated Manuscripts

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