Use your sheet on Selection Tools Worksheet to answer all the questions that follow on this Selection Tools Quiz.

1: Which tool selects all of an object when you click on only one part of the object?


2: Which tool would you use if you want to select just a single anchor point on an object?


3: Describe how you would lock three objects into a group.


4: What does it mean when we say a group of objects is “nested”?


5: Which tool can select just one object out of a group of objects joined together?


6: What is the Group Selection Tool used to select?


7: What does clicking on an object in a group 3 times in a row select when you do it with the group selection Tool?


8: What key command creates a shortcut changing your Direct Selection tool to a Group Selection tool?


9: What can the Magic Wand tool in Illustrator do?


10: Name the 5 factors that the Magic Wand can select objects on a page by.


11: If you want to use the Magic Wand to only select all objects on a page with the identical red fill color, where would you set the fill tolerance control at- a low number or high number?


12: Look at the following group of objects. What settings in the Magic Wand controls would you use to select just the objects with the identical stroke color?






13: Does the Magic Wand select by just a single attribute or can multiple attributes be combined to search for identical examples of objects?


14: What do we mean by attributes? Name 4 attributes we can select an object by.



15: What is the name of this icon and what does it do?


16: What does the Lasso Tool do?



17: If you draw over part of an object with the lasso tool, does it select the entire object or just the anchor points of the object that fall within the selection?



18: If you wanted to automatically select just all the text objects on a page, what series of commands would you use?



19: You have created a group of objects by selecting them using any of the previous methods. Describe how you save these objects as a Selection group.



20: Once you have saved a group of objects as a Selection, how would you call this selection group back up later? What series of commands would you use to reload the group?