Threading text frames

When adding text to a frame, sometimes you may have too much text to fit in one frame or you may have multiple frames in a design that one piece of text needs to run through.

You may connect multiple frames to act as one frame so the text "flows" from frame to frame in a connected fashion and moves when edited. This is called "threading frames'.


1Overset text

If a text frame has a small square with a plus sign in it's bottom right corner area, this means that text frame has more text inserted than can be visible in the frame; the text is "overset".


It means either “make the frame larger”, you are chopping off text, or connect to another frame and let the text flow from one to another. This is threading frames together.





4Now when you click on the next empty text frame, the extra text will enter the frame continuing from the previous frame


Unthreading: to break the link, or unthread, 2 connected frames



To see Text thread connections:

red line appears showing all threading connections between frames from outports to inports