Color Project:

1: Open a new document in InDesign standard size 8.5 by 11










2: Create 12 object frames: all squares the  same size

3: First open your swatches palette and apply a different swatch to each of the top three squares

4: Your next three squares, apply the same color swatches to BUT in each case go into the swatch sample and lower the tint control from 100% downward so you tint the color to a pastel shade. Note that lowering it to a tint DOES NOT CHANGE THE COLOR SWATCH


5: For the next 3 squares- go to the swatches FLYOUT menu and create three NEW color swatches from scratch by adjusting the sliders: place these in your next 3 squares

6: Now, for the last three squares- go to each square and give it one color swatch to it’s FILL and give a different contrasting color swatch to the STROKE.
Go into the stroke panel on each object and widen the stroke and adjust it so the stroke extends towards the center (align to inside)


7: Now, we will do gradients: start by making 3 long wide object frames to pour gradients into: under swatches select none for color and than draw out your frames.






8: Now, open your swatches menu> open the FLYOUT MENU> and select New Gradient Swatch. Click on the color stop markers below the gradient ramp slider bar to select the color to change. Alter the colors in your gradient and save it when done. Once it appears in your swatches panel- apply it to the first gradient bar.

9: Now, for the second bar: go to your flyout menu and create a second gradient with different colors. On this gradient- add a color stop or two to make it a more complex gradient. Pour this gradient into the waiting selection.

Step 2 of this part however- go to your top fill-stroke controls and switch from the fill color to the stroke color.


10: For your last bar, create a new gradient from scratch BUT make sure it has one gradient on the FILL and another gradient combo on the STROKE. Go into the stroke menu, widen the stroke on the object and give it a different type of line treatment other than a normal straight stroke line.

11: Your next task is to create piece of text, a title of something, and make I fairly large, at least a 60 point font.


Your final document should have these examples on it when you are done