Color Project: Creating a digital crazy quilt:

Step 1: create a page with no margins.

Step 2: Go to Layout> create guides and create the following guide grid

Step 3: Create an object frame in your top left square.

Step 4: select this frame, open your swatches panel and create a new color and apply the color to the frame

Step 5: With the frame selected, go back to your swatches panel and switch from the fill color to the stroke color selection. Create another new color and apply it to the stroke.

Step 6: You will not see this 2nd color until we go to the stroke menu and widen the stroke. With the same square selected, open the stroke panel, give the stroke a greater weight and on the stroke alignment set it to the center selection- align stroke to inside. You will see you stroke line grow much larger now and move inwards toward the center of your square making the interior color smaller.


Step 7: Now repeat this process creating 9 unique squares- each with a stroke color on the interior. Keep the stroke size uniform between all the squares but use color combinations that appear to make some center colors come forward while others recede into distance. When done you should have a 9 patch quilt grid like this.








Step 8: The next step is to take these 9 squares and individually copy them to different locations on your grid to create a dynamic pattern created by the variations of colors against each other.
Remember that the eye travels to the color red the fastest so try to withhold your red squares until the end and then carefully spread them around your design to try to make the viewer’s eye jump around the canvas. Your final design may look something like this.
Having one or two squares that are different, a solid color or gradient- works to break the pattern as well and add an interesting variation to the design. Try adding just 2 squares that are solid against the others to create a more complex variation of the design by adding an intentional mistake to your design.