InDesign Aligning & Distributing Objects on a Page:

Step 1: Create a graphics frame that is fairly small, 1 inch per side.

Step 2: Copy your frame (control-C on PC/ Command–C Mac) and paste it until you have 3 copies of it randomly placed on your screen so it resembles this:







Step 3: Use your top selection area to draw a marquee selection around your 3 boxes so they are all selected:







Step 4: At the top of your screen find the align and distribute controls:





Step 5: The tools on the left side are the alignment tools. When multiple items are selected together, these tools will line them up them up together either in a horizontal line or vertical line. The six choices are



Step 6: To make our top row line up across and be horizontally level with each other we select our “align vertical centers” tool and click on it.5


 The boxes will snap to alignment on a horizontal line running through their center points: They are however still not distributed evenly: the spacing between the boxes is not uniform.6



Step 7: Now, to distribute evenly we make sure the same boxes are selected by again using our selection tool to draw around the three boxes and select them as a group.

Step 8: The right hand set of tools in our align-distribute area is the distribution tool controls. These control the spacing between selected objects.



Step 9: With these same top three boxes selected we will go to our “distribute horizontal centers” control and click on it.



Our three boxes will now adjust the spacing between their center points and evenly spread out across the space with an even amount of space between them.

Step 10: Now our three boxes are evenly spaced but still not centered on the page. Let us find page center and mark it with a guide line.

Step 11: Pull a ruler guide out from your left ruler margin and slide it to the page center. Your page is 8.5 inches wide so the half way mark should be 4.25 inches or 4 1/4”.

Step 12: Now select all three of your boxes that are spaced evenly and click on the center point of the middle box to grab the entire group as one to move it together. Slide the center point to the mid-page guide you just created and it will snap to it. Now your three boxes will all be aligned horizontally, spaced evenly and centered on your page.


Project: Create a catalogue page that is 8.5” in height and 11’ wide. Follow the following steps to complete it.

Your final product should look something like this: