Christmas Card text: gradients on both fill & stroke

1: Step 1: Make your message “ Merry Christmas”


Step 2: select the text> Go to swatches panel

Step 3: Swatches panel> go flyout menu> New Gradient swatch

Step 4: Create your custom gradient swatch by clicking under the gradient ramp bar to create more color stops

Step 5: Once you create your new gradient, the text you had selected should change to this gradient. If not, click on the new gradient in the swatches panel and drag it to the object.

Step 6: Now go back to the swatches menu and click the top left icon that selects the stroke color rather than the fill color.


Step 7: Now click on your lettering with the select tool and it will select it as an object. Once selected, go to Objects>Effects Outer glow


Step 8: Now drop a background image behind this text that is seasonal and ghost it slightly so it fades against the lettering. It may look like this:


Step 7: Now repeat this process and create two more additional lines of text for the rest of your message, one with Happy New Year and a small line with “and a” connecting the two visually.

Repeat all the steps you used on your Merry Christmas to get the look you used: the same gradient swatches applied to the fill and stroke of the lettering plus the white outer glow.

EXTRA: Try dropping in a drop shadow as well on the lettering making sure to use the controls to enlarge the shadow so it extends beyond your snow edge. This will float the lettering slightly off the page.

When done it may look like this