This assignment is to create a 8.5” by 11” standard sized paper “takeout menu” for a fictitious restaurant that will be designed to fold into thirds- three panels each side, two sides.

Each panel will be divided into a top and bottom with two food items per panel.

Each item will have a name for the dish (chicken with cashews) brief description of the food (example: tasty stir fried chicken with cashews and stir fried vegetables in a tangy curry sauce) and price ($7.95)

Your menu will have 6 items on side A and six items on side B for a total of 12 items.

To start, open InDesign and create a new document with these setting:


When your document opens you will create guide markers

You will lay out the following boxes in an even spacing to contain your text


Format of takeout menu with 6 title bars for food name and 6 areas for food description.

Menu with the ingredients only inserted



      wrap icons that will tell the text to move around this frame.