Masks & channels: Ch: 6 Lesson-Project: CS3 Classroom in a Book Photoshop

Steps to Project:

Project: Your project is too create the book cover in the exercise titled Zen Garden

Creating a Quick mask




1Channels Tab:


Editing Our Quickmask:

Saving the Selection as a mask:

Viewing Channels:

1Adjusting Individual Color Channels:

Loading a Mask as a Selection:

Applying Filters to a Mask:

Applying Effects Using a Gradient Mask:











Extracting the Paper texture:

Next we will add a torn paper background to our image in parts

We will use the Extract command to do this:


Moving Layers between documents:

Colorizing with an Adjustment Layer:


Grouping & Clipping Layers:


Applying a Mask from a Saved selection:


We can now see how helpful it is to have the flexibility to apply saved Alpha Channels at various stages of our workflow.

Remember that we can adjust the image within the mask; in this case we will move the mask and the masked image together

Using Type as a Mask: