Image Correction Project:

Your assignment for today is to copy the following images one at a time to Photoshop and fix them as requested using the healing brush tools you have learned.

The healing brush tools are:


Healing Project: Complete 12 image adjustments using the tools you have just learned

To find the 12 images you are going to fix, you must get them off the website and copy them into PS one at a time. Follow the instructions with each image to get it to match the AFTER file as close as possible.
When done with each, save it to a folder on your desktop that you create called Image Corrections Project. I will check this folder and grade it after school on Friday.


1 boone 2 group portrait 3cb 4 pool
5 newport 6 wilders 7 daneults

8 moonriseB

9 6B 10lucy camp fall 11 lucy sombrero 12clara