Image Correction Project:

Your assignment for today is to copy the following images one at a time to Photoshop and fix them as requested using the adjustment tools you have learned.

The adjustment tools are:


Image Correction Project: Complete 10 image adjustments using the tools you have learned

To find the 10 images you are going to fix, you must get them off the website and copy them into PS one at a time.
When done with each, save it to a folder on your desktop that you create called Image Corrections Project. I will check this folder and grade it after school on Friday.


Image 1: Crop image only

Image 2: Crop and straighten crooked image:

Image 3: Adjust the tonal range of the image

Image 4: Desaturate the color & adjust tonal range using Curves

Image 5: : Desaturate the color & adjust tonal range using Brightness-Contrast

Image 6: Adjust – correct color balance of image

Image 7: Image > Adjust> Saturation

Image 8: Dodge areas in image to lighten: night shot- bring out towers in moonlight more by dodging them gently

Image 9: This image lacks enough contrast to bring out the major compositional lines, the curving lines, that draw the viewer’s eye in this shot. Use the burn tool to gently burn in, darkening the areas of the major compositional lines in the image.

Image 10: Sponge Tool: control the color saturation in areas selectively with the sponge tool by increasing or decreasing the color saturation- increase saturation in select areas to pop out key items in composition

Image 11: Use a combination of tools to carry out the following tasks:

Image 12: Use a combination of tools to carry out the following tasks