Isomorphism: Research Project: 4 Day Project: PowerPoint

Isomorphism relates to visual images that relate to each other, having similarity based on the concepts tied to the images or memories associated with the images. Think non-visual similarity; you might fill an advertisement with images that are associated with wealth, money, gold, fancy cars, big houses, fur coats and jewelry. These items all are similar in that you associate them with an idea, wealth, but they visually are not similar in shape or form.

Advertising designers use isomorphic relationships to sell products. If they want to sell a perfume or a soap that will make you smell nice, they don’t necessarily show the product, they show you images of things that smell nice and you make the connection to their product. It may be a field of flowers or a bouquet of roses, you learn to relate their product to the images that are shown every time they show you an ad in their campaign. The more they show the ad, the more you make the connection because you learn to tie the two concepts together.

Your project is in two parts.



Create an advertisement from scratch for a product that demonstrates isomorphism or creates an isomorphic relationship by using one image or concept to make you think of another image. An ad for a chocolate might use hearts and flowers to make you think of Valentine’s Day and remind you that you have to buy chocolates. An ad for Nike sneakers may show a cheetah running and equate speed with Nike running shoes and imply that if you buy these shoes, you will run fast as well or jump as high as a celebrity sports star.