Colorbranding: Create a design for a logo or product that uses a combination of colors to create a “color brand” for your product. A color brand is a combination of colors for a brand logo or product packaging that comes to instantly and easily identify that product to a consumer . The color comes to be what predominantly makes the logo image stick in the consumers mind, setting the logo design into the buyer’s memory. A good example is the red and yellow contrast, which combined with the double golden arches, is instantly recognized as a McDonalds logo.


YOUR PROJECT: You will create six variations of this design demonstrating the following color schemes: monochromatic colors, analogous colors, complementary colors, split complementary color scheme, tetradic color scheme, and a quadratic color scheme.

You need to consider all the following factors for this assignment as well:

Color: Your design MUST BE created  with multiple variations using each of the following colors schemes. You are graded on your CORRECT DEMONSTRATION of the color schemes. Demonstrate each of the following with your design and produce a final single print with all 6 variations on a single page- AND PROPERLY LABELLED

Monochromatic   complementary         analogous     split-complementary      tetradic              quadratic