Process of Design Project: Client an design teams group project - 1 week

 Developing an idea for a client and modifying the project to meet the client’s demands:






  • Break into groups assigned by teacher
  • Client Group Role: 10 minutes initial meeting- everyone decide on what your product is- put it down in writing (text in Photoshop  or Word is OK) and be able to give it to me in a print form before we go into the meetings (include Group Name- members group- what your product idea is)


  • Meeting 1: half groups become client- half become design group: meeting 10 minutes: design groups must get from client group what the design job is- what needs to be created and what is the target audience you are marketing to? IMPORTANT- EVERY MEMBER IN DESIGN GROUP TAKES NOTES ON CLIENTS NEEDS


  • Meeting 2: Switch groups around- swap roles- another 10 minute meeting where  design group gets the product information from the client group and TAKES NOTES


  • All teams now function as Design Teams- for next 20 minutes class brainstorm as a group and come up with ideas for how to attack the design


  • Last 20 minutes: Design team members all start on their basic ideas- their rough sketches in digital form to be presented to clients on Wednesday in the midweek production meeting- each team member must have 3 rough sketches ready in time for the midweek meeting- by end of class have your first rough sketches in print form for Tuesday’s group production meeting




  • Start the class with a 10 minute production meeting of your group: group looks at all members rough sketches in print form to see variety of ideas and make sure all members are on track
  • Independent work: each team member has the class to develop 3 good rough sketches of the design requested
  • Last 10 minutes class: Design teams meet again and ever member should have 3 rough ideas sketched




Midweek Production Meeting:
Meeting 1 - 15 mins: We return to the meeting format used on Monday Meeting .  Half the groups are the design groups and half the groups clients- 15 minute meeting where clients look at the designs (3 from each Design Group member). At that meeting- the clients will tell you which of the ideas they like best and give criticism of what they don’t like, clarifying what direction they want you to take the design in. It is the client groups’ responsibility to describe to their best ability what they like or dislike guiding the design process. It is the design group’s responsibility to ASK QUESTIONS and pull information out of the client to get the best idea of how to next proceed with their design.

  • Meeting 2: - 15 mins: Flip – the Design groups become the client group and the client groups become the design group. Meet for 15 minutes with the design group presenting it’s rough drafts to the client group for feedback- same as above.
  • After the midweek production meeting, all design group Teams meet for 10 minutes- review your notes of what changes the client requested, what they liked or didn’t like in the designs. Group- as a whole- splits up the top three designs the client likes and each member of the group takes one of these designs to polish and take to a final state.




  • First half class 30 minutes- all design members must finish up their design and have it ready for presentation.
  • 30 minute mark: At the mid-period time mark (30 minutes in) design group members must get together and all designs need to be flattened into JPG files and placed into a PowerPoint presentation that the group builds collectively. This short PowerPoint must have a title slide (the product advertising campaign name for example) and the JPG image on a slide of each of the three final designs your design group is pitching to the client. A black slide at the end should be the 5th and final slide.






  • Friday will be the team presentation day with each team member participating in the presentation. Presentations will be 10 minutes long.
  • All members of the team will pitch the design by alternating  presenting the various final ideas ( 3 total) and explaining what is good about the design presented- how it pitches the product to the proposed “target audience” that the client wants to sell to. Why is this design appropriate for this target audience and how will it grab their attention?
  •  Each team will have 10 minutes to present their ideas and each client group will give their feedback in 5 minutes.