CH 1: Workspace

Chapter 1: The Document Window


At startup, InDesign launches Document window

  • select Create New > Document (File menu > new doc does same)> OK


we see: new blank page

  • black edge is page edge
  • magenta line is margin guide



Tool Panel: left hand toolbar - floating

  • tool panel links to "contextual control menu" at top: when you select a tool, the top control bar changes to being the custom controls for that given tool: we will go over the full tool panel in the next lesson


top right corner control panel: Bridges Link:


More panels (41 total)are available in the window menu at top and, when selected, can be added to the panels already on your workspace

  • HELP menu at top is useful - online support goes direct to Adobe technical support


Navigating Document

Zoom tool: lets you zoom in/out:

multiple ways:

Also: VIEW > Fit page in window fits page, Fit spread in window does pair facing pages

Also: Windows > Objects & Layout > Navigator Tool - works much like Photoshop Navigator


Measurement & Rulers

select Selection Tool - top toolbar - black pointer

when it is selected, notice that top control menu has an X-Y reading at top left: as you move selection tool over screen, X-Y shows exact position of tool coordinates



rulers are visible at top and left showing document dimensions:






Workspaces are very useful tools.


View Options

Grids and Guides: If you want to view your grids and guides used for aligning objects and text, you may turn them on here:


Toolbar: view options


Opening Second View window of same document: