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Check out some of this years projects for samples of our diverse range of talent recording here and keep checking for new projects in the works from Rhode Island and Massachesetts based local musicans.

Under the Arch, released November 2002

© November 2002 Otis Read and Phil Edmonds with guest musicians Dan Edinburg, Cathy Clasper-Torch, Nate Silva, and John Juxo!, check out the Phoenix review January 18th 2003

Most of the music for this CD had been hanging around in my head for years. Some were written as instrumentals and many of them were intended to have lyrics. This, I have learned, often takes additional years, and maybe, in some cases, it was not meant to be. I think of them as more like songs without words as opposed to instrumental tunes written for dance or background, if one were to make a distinction between the two. I love Celtic music and I do have some Irish in me, and there is also something European in much of this music.
-Otis Read

Including: * Along The Stonewalls * Via Umbria * Zorn * Never, If I Had My Way * Under The Arch * Through The Cracks * Dropping Of The Rose * Climate Change * Procession Home * Maria's Lullaby * Maura's Journey


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Time for the Show

With John Juxo, Otis Rea, Steve Leper, Steve Copel as the MoJo (more Juxo and Otis!) Rhythm Combo


Quote From Otis Read's website ( /" This is the first of what promises to be a series of MO'JO RC releases over the next few years. Available through the good graces of JUXOTONE RECORDS in Cranston, RI, Time For The Show features some originals by pianist/vocalist Johnny Juxo and a selection of covers written by artists such as Bill Haley, Amos Milburn, John Sebastian and local songsmiths Jimi Warren and Pete McLanahan. Otis plays sweet electric guitar throughout and throws in some tasty harmonica licks for good measure. It was produced by audio wizard Steve Copel in his Attleboro hideaway."

An excellent review appears in the Providence Phoenix below from Bob Gulla, June 14th 2002.

Once again, the local scene comes through with still another collection of seriously cool noise. It's characteristic of the breadth and scope of the talent in the area, but also a testament to the achievement-oriented, musically-dedicated folks who, despite horrific odds against enjoying any kind of success, enter a recording studio and make music that comes from the heart.
Mojo Rhythm Combo: Time for the Show (Juxotone Records)

Johnny Juxo, Otis Read, Steve Lepper, and Steve Copel teamed up to lay down this Mojo Rhythm Combo debut, a tasty, bluesy, low-key effort that sounds like the perfect record for a Sunday morning. Led by Juxo's piano, the band sounds like an acoustic NRBQ, an unassuming combo driven by an organ grinder of a piano man who can sing the blues, play barrelhouse, and tell sad stories for a few coins in the cup. Time For the Show is the kind of record Tom Waits would make if he hadn't seen too much, lived too hard, or smoked too long. It's gritty and tough and hard-bitten, but easily enjoyed without stressing over meaning and content.

The disc features three new Juxo compositions, a tune from Pete McClanahan of the Worried, and covers of Bill Haley ("Thirteen Women"), Chuck Berry ("Downbound Train"), and Rosco Gordon ("Just a Little Bit"). It builds beautifully on Juxo's last outing with Loose Marbles, his first acoustic-centered material after years in electric bands in and around Providence. Which answers the question, Is there life after rock and roll? In the case of the Mojo Rhythm Combo, lemme hear you say, "Hell, yeah!"

Issue Date: June 14 - 20, 2002

Harvey Marcotte


Original vocal arrangements and traditional songs played by Harvey Marcotte on guitar, mandolin, violin. Recorded Easter of 2002 in Attleboro while Harvey was visiting his family in Rhode Island, this CD is a wonderfull compilation of unusual arrangements and stunning original tunes sung by Harvey. "Joseph and Marie" is from the live CBC broadcast courtesy of CBC studios, Halifax, Nova Scotia and features guest artists on bass and percussion along with Harvey at the Fundy Folk concert.. Red River Valley, Honfleur, and Still Haven't have yours truley on ebow guitar as well giving the whole thing an atmospheric electric swing reminiscant of Danial Lanois's work.

The Music of Stephen Copel and Sleeping Dog Studios

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Su Casa, 2006, Attleboro MA. upon returning from Acapulco

The Many Faces of Stephen Copel, 2006, Attleboro, MA.

Journey Home, 2005, Attleboro, MA.

Have Guitar Will Travel: Guitaris Primitivus, 2003, Attleboro, MA.

First Light, Wakefield. RI, 2001

Down On Winnies Farm, 1997, Chatham, NY

Crossing Borders, 1996, Nova Scotia

© Stephen Copel and Darren Arseneault

Recorded in Halifax and Barrs Corner Nova Scotia in 1995-1996 while completing an art history degree at Nova Scotia School of Art and Design.

This CD is a record of my years stay in Halifax and the musical friendship that developed between myself and one of Nova Scoria's finest musicians, Darren Arseneault. Recorded primarily in Darren's house in Barr's Corner, this Cd was finished in Chatham New York while at RPI's iEAR Studios and final mastering was performed by the fine folks at Celebration Studios in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Darren and I alternated tunes on this Cd to give a wide range that reflected the combination of our combined backgrounds in diverse but complementary fields of music.