Biology Food Web Project : 16.2B : Energy Flow in Ecosystems



In section 16.2 we looked at energy flow in an ecosystem and looked at examples of food webs and energy flow between trophic levels. Here are three examples of foodwebs that all show the flow of energy from producer to consumers.

Your project is to create your own food web for an ecosystem: To do this you must go through the following steps.


1: Pick an ecosystem that you want to explore: this can be a desert, forest, ocean, lake, stream, polar ice cap, pond, mountain slope, etc. Ecosystems fall into many different varieties. Pick your ecosystem first.


2: Research your ecosystem on the internet: what are the producers in the ecosystem( those organisms which get energy from sunlight and turn it into food energy- plants and such). Start with identifying your producers in your ecosystem.


3: Identify the primary consumers: which organisms get their energy from the producers? (clue: these will be herbivores since they eat the plants which get the energy originally from the sunlight)


4: Identify the secondary consumers: these are the animals which are carnivores and eat the primary consumers. They get their energy from consuming smaller creatures; ranging from insects to rabbits and smallbirds.


5: Identify your tertiary consumers: these are always those organisms which are the final step in the food chain. They are the larger carnivores that nothing else eats, such as coyote, fox, hawks, eagles, wolf and bears.



6: Now create your diagram of your food chain inserting and labeling your producers, your primary consumers, your secondary consumers, and your tertiary consumers. Draw arrows from each organism to the organism that consumes it to show how the energy moves through the system (from trophic level to trophic level)




You may use construction paper, scissors, markers and glue. This food web needs to be built on construction paper.


You may get pictures of organisms from the internet and print them out, cut them out, and glue them into your food web design. You may use markers to draw the lines and to label the information (organism's name, trophic level)


All organisms must be labeled with their name (mouse, rabbit, grass, eagle) and trophic level (producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer) and have arrows showing their connection to their food sources. You must show how the food energy flows through your ecosysetem.



forest foodweb


forest foodweb


ocean foodweb