Biology 5.2B - 1 Day Project


Create a PowerPoint presentation that steps through and illustrates the 5 major stages of photosynthesis as shown in the animation at the end of PowerPoint 5.2B (slide #22)

You should have for slides:

  • Title slide: Photosynthesis
  • Step 1: Capture of sunlight by thylakoid; light energy transferred to electrons.
  • Step 2: Water (H2O) is split in process - producing Hydrogen ions (H+)
  • Step 3: oxygen (O2) is released as a byproduct.
  • Step 4: Excited electrons move through transfer chains producing hydrogen ions.
  • Step 5: Hydrogen ions enter cell, combine with ADP to create ATP, also NADP + H to create NADPH.
  • Step 6: Calvin Cycle: Carbon molecules plus ATP plus NADPH forms a five-carbon sugar called glucose that the plant uses for food
  • Step 7: Part of the glucose goes back into the cycle to start it again, making it a cycle.
  • Step 8: Credits: created by. . . .