Aurora Borealis Research Project :

Sunspots on our sun create solar storms that emit large amounts of radiation into space in the form of solar wind that strikes our Earth. This solar wind is deflected in the Earth's atmosphere by a combination of the Earth's electromagnetic field (The Van Allen Belts) and gases in the atmosphere. This phenomena results in one of the most spectacular events witnessed on Earth, a storm of the Aurora Borealis often called "Northern Lights".


Look up the Northern Lights on the internet looking for a combination of technical information, photographs of it, or videos of it. Create from this information a report that is either 10 pages in PowerPoint or 8 paragraphs in Word that describes the following information about the Northern Lights. Save this report to your folder and I will check it on Monday.

  1. What is the northern lights?
  2. What causes the Northern Lights?
  3. Where do you have to go on Earth to see Northern Lights?
  4. Is their a regular cycle to Northern Lights or is it random?
  5. Why are their different colors of Northern Lights?
  6. How do we get warning when a large Northern Lights storm is about to occur?
  7. What would happen if a really large solar storm were to occur? How would it affect Earth?
  8. Where do I find photographs of the Northern Lights? (list 3 sources from the web)
  9. Where do I find video's of the Northern Lights?
  10. Find 1 live source for a web cam that is real time and that keeps open to view Northern Lights on the internet?