Your assignment is to create a written report using the outline provided on one of the topics listed at the end:

1. This report must be in Times Roman Font or Century Schoolbook, 12 point. These are the only two fonts allowed.
2. It must be double spaced with all paragraphs indented.
3. All writing must be in complete full sentences.
4. All writing should be checked for proper spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure before it is turned in.
5. All writing must be in your own words: NO COPYING, CUTTING, PASTING will be allowed.
6. You will have 1 week (five working days) from when you start the assignment to complete it.
7. Every day late after the five day period will deduct 3 points from the final paper grade.
8. Use the outline provided as a template to plug in your basic facts and examples to build your paper.


Use the outline below to organize your paper.


Outline Doc


Opening statement: (worth 10 pts)


Section 1: What is the process you are writing about? Describe it in one sentence. (worth 20 points)

Section 2: Where does this process tend to happen? (worth 20 points)

Section 3: When does this event tend to happen? (worth 20 points)

Section 4: Why does this event happen? (worth 20 points)

Conclusion (worth 10 points)

Closing paragraph: restate the basic opening statement and summarize the key three points of where, when and why this process or event occurs.


Processes we have studied so far that you may choose from include: