1: Attendance; class starts first period@ 7;15 sharp. Be there. If you are late I deduct points from your daily grade automatically. If you come in late and miss more than half the class without a valid excuse, you do NOT get credit for being present for the class. You will be marked as an unexcused absence for that day and receive a 0 for the class.

2: Class Policies-Rules: Big 10

1. Be on time for class, points will be deducted for tardiness
2. Be ready to work, awake and alert
3. Follow directions respectfully from both the teacher and the aides
4. No sleeping in class, no heads down on desk
5. Be respectful of others at all times, this means language, space, property, and any other aspect that infringes upon someone else's ability to perform in the class. Any type of harassment will not be tolerated
6. Watch your language, no profanity or disrespectful language
7. No playing of music without headphones
8. Use of MP3 or music software players in class with teacher's permission only; not allowed when we are going over material, only when working on independent work
9. No phones out in class at any time for any reason, I see a phone out, I will take it for the day".
10. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, anyone caught copying another person's work will be sent to the office for discipline immediately and you will loose a grade point automatically from your term grade

3: Grading Rubric: Daily Class Grades

Grades within the class will be comprised of the following percentages. It is essential you participate in all aspects of the class if you expect full credit to receive a passing grade for the term.

1. 50% of your daily grade is for attendance, being present and onetime. If you show up, onetime, you get the full 50%. If you are late, 5 points are deducted for every 15 minutes late to class. Past half the class time, you receive no credit.

2. 25% of your grade is for participation in class. This means being in your seat for the class duration, awake and participating, respectfully following teacher's requests and doing your work to the best of your ability. When you are done with your daily assignment you are expected to stay in your seat and not to disturb others. Wandering from your seat or the classroom will mean a loss of points.

3. 25% of your grade will be based off your daily worksheets you are requested to complete in class. If you complete the work as makeup work, you will at best receive 50% of this daily grade since attendance and participation requirements were not met. Only if an absence is "excused" will you receive full credit.

On time attendance and respectful participation are 75% of your grade. Completing the daily worksheets are the other 25%. Both are required to attain a passing grade within the class.

4: Daily Worksheets

At the start of class your worksheets for the day will be on the table at the front of the room. Pick up your worksheets there.

When you finish your work, sign it, date it, and return it to the bin on the main desk.

If you miss a class, it is "your responsability" to see me and request to makeup the worksheet for the day you owe.