SleepingDogStudios - The Music of Stephen Copel

Have Guitar Will Travel - 2004

The first CD of my own work from the Attleboro home of Sleeping Dog Studios

Roll On 04

Louis Collins 04

Train Song 04

Water Street 04

Finnario 04

Kitty on the Turnpike

Drunkyards Row 05

Echo Bridge (1981 Maine)

Down This Line

Percolation (Foster Years)

Night Spirits Attleboro 03

Fragile Waters 04

DoubleCapo 04

Cold Winter Night (Foster Years 86-93)

The Presence of Your Absence Halifax 98


First Light - 1998


Sunday Morning

It's Not Me

Gabrielle's Dream

Monkey and Crane

The Early Hours

Hudson Sand

In The Basement

Bovine Stamp

The Far Reach


Down On Winnie's Farm - 1997

Down On Winnie's Farm

54 minute cut with crossfades created at Winnie's Farm in North Chatham, NY summer of 97 one rainey night.


Crossing Borders - New Germany Nova Scotia - 1996

(verey first CD I ever produced)

Recorded in Nova Scotia, I moved the entire studio out to the woods to Darren's house in New Germany and we commenced recording every night for one week after midnight and worked till the early hours. This recording is the process of our friendship as musicians developing when I first arrived in Nova Scotia and Darren introduced me to the music community of Halifax. First CD I ever produced digital using D-88.

I Am a River (Darren)

In the Presence of Your Absence (Steve)

Flamenco Banjo (Darren)

As The Toast Burns (Steve)

Brothers Two (Darren with Steve dobro overdub)

Left You At the Station (Darren)

Shoe Shop (Steve)

Jungle Bug (Darren)

Willow (Steve)

Mine Song (Darren)

Cold Winter Night (Steve)

Grace of Love (Darren)

Coyote's Dream (Steve)

Blackberry Blossom (Darren)

Wolf's Tail (Steve with Kevin Fallon)


Let the North Wind Blow - 2016-

A mixture of sketches from past few years ranging from solo electronic to folk instrumentals

Dance of Polaris

Blues for Slicc

Fur Suit

Hot House Live

Long Walk to Forever

Sacred Space

The Laughing Man (SS2)

X File Stomp

Wayfaring Stranger


a series of sketches done direct to a Boss-RC50 loop machine using a midi-acoustic then mixed off to computer. I did about 300 sketches in three weeks this way and selected a handfull to explore the range of material I could achieve without stopping to arm tracks or turn on software


Many Faces Of Cover

Sacred Space live solo 06

Hot House Drop D solo live

Jennifer solo live 06

Helpless Dancer solo live 06

Greenpoint solo midi live

earlier work almost 30 years old at this point, early 90s


Inland Lakes


Monkey Pajamas - 2008

Darren Arseneault - Stephen Copel- Attleboro MA - 2008

All tunes copyright Darren Arseneault - Jan 2008

Darren passed through on his way to busk in New Orleans, left me these tracks.

Couple weeks later he came back through and I had added my parts.

Belle of Belfast

Circus Indigo

Endless Circle

Hand Dancing

Irish Eyes


Monkey Pajamas

Is My Love


Rambling Blade

You Know Me

Run Away

Ocean 1 (first take)


SU CASA - 2006

Acapulco - January 06

done using my acoustic running a Triton via midi - first explorations of an acoustic/synth hybrid mixture


Dog Days

Feathered Serpent

La Quedabra

Long Walk Home

Satellites Are Out

Sleeping Dogs

Su Casa

Tabares Two Step

Tequilla Headache

Train in the Rain

Zocalo After Dark


Journey Home - 2005

3 Cats

Thrill is Gone 05

Journey Home 05

Senior 05

Willow 05

Rainey Day 05

First Girl 04

High Winds White Sky 05

Fresh Start 04

Fair Ellender 05

It's Not me 04

Facing the Sun 05

Harvey Marcotte The Easter Sessions - 2002

songs by Harvey Marcotte/ recorded over Easter in a few days with Harvey 2002

Done for his folks as a present before their 50th anniversary


Riviere Hebert

Red River Valley


Crooked Stovepipe

Caveman Shuffle


Under The Arch - Otis Read and Phil Edmonds - 2003

available from

By Otis Read and Phil Edmonds- coproduced and recorded and mixed by Stephen Copel

Along Stone Walls

Via Umbria


Never, If I Had My Way

Under The Arch

Through The Cracks

Dropping of the Rose

Climate Change

The Procession

Maria's Lullaby

Maura's Journey

Time For The Show - Johnny Juxo - 2003



By Johnny Juxo- coproduced, recorded, mixed by Stephen Copel

available Juxotone records

13 Women

Cup Of Coffee

Darling Companion

Downbound Train

Just a Little

Lie to Me

Little Queenie


Somebody Elses Dues

Time For The Show


Topcats " Live at Copel's" - 2004

1: Ugly Poppa

2: Long Train Home

3: Fine and Mello

4: Swing It Brother

5: Loose Marbles

6: Summertime

7: Scotch and Soda

8: Lazy River

9: Almost Blue

10: In A Mello Tone


Music Sound Sculpture Installation work