© S Copel 1997

Diagram shows tunings of individual sculptures. Sculptures were placed about 100 feet apart in the landscape along a trail.

When between any two sculptures, the combination of notes create a chord.

In this way, as one walks the path, the succession of zones of interaction create a linear chord progression

The original score for this piece is for 20 sculptures but due to production/welding costs only 6 were initially created.


Full score for tuned chimes in 20 sculptures in sequence, with chord groups created by interactions marked in ( ) , is as follows

F-C (Bbmaj9) Bb-D(Cm7+9) C-Eb-G (FMaj7+9) F-A (Gm7+9) G-Bb-D (EbMaj7) Eb(Adim7) A-C-G (Fmaj7+9) F-Eb ( Ebmaj9) G-Bb(Gm9)D-A (Dm) F (Bbmaj9) C-Bb-D (Cm 7+9) Eb-G (F maj7+9) C-F-A (Dm7) D (Gm) G-Bb (Ebmaj) Eb (A dim) C-A (Dm7) D-F (Bbmaj7) Bb-A-D

In sculptures where only a single note occures, such as the F,D and Eb scultures, multiple octaves of the same note are used in the sculpture 1 octave apart.